Off to race in Österreich


I’ve had a solid week of training since the tendon hoopla and so I’m off for two CITADINES races in Mellau, Austria to get back into the swing of things. CITADINES translates as ‘Citizen’ however these races are not as easy as they sound I can assure you! There are generally fewer racers, i.e. 100 instead of 140 so it’s much more possible to get into the thirty, a big help to score points. I’ve never been to this place before but Austria’s Read More

Back to hitting training HARD


Today was my first day back in gates since damaging a tendon at the top of a quadriep.  Training in the local resort that is Stoos doing some GS  with Coaches Pirmin and Rory. Two coaches with one athlete, I’m in heaven!!   Physio every day has undoubtebly made the recovery quicker.  A massive thanks is Due to Mattias and Karin at Steffan Pollyn Physio in Schwyz, If they hadn’t rubben my groin every day I would still be out!  Finally Read More

Great Training but a bit of an injury blow


The last week has seen some great training conditions, with fresh snowfall taking a break and cold conditions making for firm pistes to train on. It’s been awesome to vary the training hills also, as our lift passes cover 17 areas this week we went to Stoos, Andermatt, Stuckli and a place that I can’t spell but sounds like melt-ze-fruit!!   Going quite hard out on Wednesday I straddled the last gate of a GS course, with one leg going around Read More

Yaow!! off to Swiss land of choc’nd cheese


Tomorrow I will travel to central Switzerland for my base for the season, in the small town of Brunnen. Once again this Kiwi run team (WorldSkiConnection) is clearly the best choice for me, with coaches, training hills and a support system I know and trust well.  Training hills close by include Andermatt and Stoos, well away from the most tourist tracks which makes for a great choice for training lane space. I am still not sure who my coach will Read More

Searching for a team for 2012


Every year I have the same difficult decision as to who to train with in the ‘northern season’ and this year’s more difficult than usual. With there not being many British run teams and the unrivalled wisdom that Europeans have of racing I always choose to train with a European run team. However with two of the teams I have trained with before evolving onto something else and my favourite WorldSkiConnection (Kiwi and Swiss run) either running Read More

Loads of PowPow for final week in Tignes!


It was amazing trainnig last week, with Bluebird days and a win in timing by 1.9 seconds.  This weekend had the arrival of snow in Europe for the winter and in the last two days there is well over half a meter here in Tignes. This makes gate training impossible as it’s too much snow to ‘slip’ away and training in soft stuff makes knee injuries likely. So Power it is!  What a Monday and Tuesday it has been. Yesterday we gave up Read More

Training is happening :)


Training is going really well, we have agreed that it’s an error in my technique that puts stress on my back and I’m dealing with it, keeping forward throughout the second third of my turn. I’m really happy with how I’m skiing, it’s going really well. Perfect sunny days make it easier to play around with the tecnique and try things to get faster so I’m feeling good. The snow is getting harder here as it hasnt snowed Read More

How to Tuck


This is very cool; recently Ted Ligety (currently GS champ and bloody legend) stated on his blog he wasn’t too sure of his own ‘tuck’. Perhaps in response Hans Olsson (top Dowhiller and gliding master) has posted a blog of his own about how to tuck. Copied from his page: Tuck like a champion. November 18, 2011Coming up on the mountain this morning, things were not looking very good. 15cm of fresh powder on top of our freshly injected hill, is Read More

Injury slowing me down a bit


I hurt my back in training on Friday. At first I thought it was just a small pull but have since found out it’s a small tear in my erector spinae. After six days now I have had 8 physio sessions, 3 visits to the doctor, twice to the osteopath and once to hospital. Insurance better be ready for this!! I am aiming to go for a free-ski on Sunday and to resume full training on Monday. Some may blame it on the fluoro race suit I debued on Friday but Read More

To the snow to make more than Tignes-y improvements


The surgeon gave me the all clear to try and ski again on Tuesday!!!!!!    YAOWWWW!!!!!! I’m told I had stress fractures in my bone spur which have in time healed as the spur has reduced in size a bit. It’s very difficult to understand but basically as long as my boot doesnt rub anymore it shouldn’t (touch wood) be able to happen again. This has left the bone in my ankle weaker though so I’m taking it slowly. Trying Read More