Hip Reconstruction


Ooomph, where to start.

I had my hip surgery on the 20th August, by a highly admired surgeon who managed to do the whole thing via keyhole surgery, this menat my hip did not have to be disclocated. He ‘sewed’ on a bit that had broken off my socket joint in my hip, that had broken off in the crash I k/o’d in February.  He also saw there was some bad damage at the top of my fibula and so had to knock off a chuck and shave around it to round it off, effecteively reconstucting my hip.

The surgeon, Mr Glyn-Jones, thinks it went well which is great, I only hope I’m not shorter now he’s shaved my leg down!

He did the maximum amount of work (4 hours surgery) so My recovery time is 6-9 months! I can’t wait for sport already.

No gruesome pictures, sorry I forgot!

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