Rehab and Steroids


I had steroids two weeks ago as the recovery was going slow and I was in more pain than expected.

My penis is the same size, a major relief as the injection was so close.

It feels so nice, and continues to do so, as my rehab from surgery has been very slow. The first six weeks after surgery the hip seemed to feel better and better as I recovered. However after this I gradually felt more and more sore so I went back to see Mr Glyn-Jones to see what he thought. Apparently its normal for the anaesthetic to take six weeks to wear off, and that as my recovery time is 6-9 months so I shouldn’t worry.

I am seeing a physio every week  to cheack progress and up date exercises, I stretch a few times a week (not as often as I should) but its hard to be motivated sometimes when Im not recovering as quick as the surgeon initially suggested. I can’t wait for sport, so I’m taking up kayaking in a month or two and hopefully I can hit the snow before the season finishes! :)

I’ll get in touch with Ed about a new physical programme when I can squat my own bodyweight (that may be a while).




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