Some months on and the injuries are being tackled


It’s been a while since I last blogged, mostly because there wasn’t a lot of progress…

UNITL NOW!!!    

Following three months of good but unsuccessful rehab for my hip injury at the TeamBath physio unit, my lovely physio Katy Williams referred me to Dr Jackson, a team doctor for the English Institute of Sport. He decided I needed an MRI where they also inject dye to show where any breaks or tears are. This has shown that I have a laberal tear around my hip joint. It will require surgery and have a 6 month!!!! recovery time. The top of my femur may also need to be reshaped to make sure this doesn’t happen again, which is quite scary.

While this has been going on I have also been following up on how to reduce the pain in my ankle. I got the name of Chemmy Alcott’s (our number1 skier of the last 1o years) surgeon for her ‘bone spur’ removal, i.e. shaving down the calcium build up on her feet, and went to meet Prof. Ribbans, who has also helped reconstruct Michael Schumacher’s leg!

He said that maybe I have a recurring bone adema (internal bleeding) but isn’t sure why, maybe it’s just a vitamin D deficiency. I get those results back this week and then I will get another MRI to see how it’s changed since the last one in November. Then maybe surgery.

It’s definetly difficult times to deal with all this however it’s progress as I will hopefully no longer be i pain. We’ll see!..

  1. Mark McG says:

    Hey Max, sorry to hear you’ve got another injury, see on Twitter you’ve had the op, hope recovery is going well!