Max Slinger Photo

Who/What got you into skiing?
I took up ski racing aged 17 after a week of training in Austria with my local dry slope ski club, when I was encouraged to go out and make my dream a reality. I loved every minute on the skis and a successful season on the “plastic slopes” resulted in a 29th place in the European Championships, which encouraged me to pursue the sport on snow in my gap year whilst I was working in Austria. I had a great time and finished the season ranked 23rd in super combined in Britain.

The team I was with then invited me to train in Australia and since then I have been able to train and race all over Europe and Australasia.  In my Continental Cup debut racing in the Australasia Cup last year I finished a creditable 27th place as well as achieving my first top ten place in an international race.  Last October I again attended pre-season training in Tignes, France from the former British number one and four times Olympian, Emma Carrick Anderson. This summer I have been training and racing in New Zealand again however that was cut short due to an ankle injury I am still trying to fix.

What do you love about skiing?
Everything, I love the sport and I love the mountains; Being able to make the movements to cut through snow only possible when such G-forces are involved and the buzz when you get it just right, a massive acceleration from minimal effort.  The people are great and you also get to travel.  It’s fun but it’s also hard work.

What advice have you got?
Don’t give up, no one ever said it would be easy – it’s worth every minute and I would do it all again.   Always be mindful of others, respect is key.  Enjoy every day, you only have one life so go out and enjoy every moment!

What is your goal?
To keep pushing to the next level; to continue to train and compete; to represent my country in European Cups and ultimately at the Olympics.

What other interests do you have?

Paragliding is brilliant fun but not something I get to do often.  I love playing football and enjoy kicking a ball around with my friends.  Like my father, grandfather and my sister I support Liverpool football club so if I get the chance we try and catch a few games when I am home.

What’s on your IPod?
A mixed bunch really including Rock, Rap and Pop, I’m listening to Rizzle Kicks and Dave Dobbyn at the moment.

What have you been up to lately and what’s next?
I spent most of the European winter studying full-time but have decided to achieve a better balance by returning to full-time training and racing whilst studying part-time with the open university. I have hopefully been able to secure Autumn training again in Tignes, France this November with Emma and the great team at Snoworks!