Rehab and Steroids


I had steroids two weeks ago as the recovery was going slow and I was in more pain than expected. My penis is the same size, a major relief as the injection was so close. It feels so nice, and continues to do so, as my rehab from surgery has been very slow. The first six weeks after surgery the hip seemed to feel better and better as I recovered. However after this I gradually felt more and more sore so I went back to see Mr Glyn-Jones to see what Read More

Hip Reconstruction


Ooomph, where to start. I had my hip surgery on the 20th August, by a highly admired surgeon who managed to do the whole thing via keyhole surgery, this menat my hip did not have to be disclocated. He ‘sewed’ on a bit that had broken off my socket joint in my hip, that had broken off in the crash I k/o’d in February.  He also saw there was some bad damage at the top of my fibula and so had to knock off a chuck and shave around it Read More

Some months on and the injuries are being tackled


It’s been a while since I last blogged, mostly because there wasn’t a lot of progress… UNITL NOW!!!     Following three months of good but unsuccessful rehab for my hip injury at the TeamBath physio unit, my lovely physio Katy Williams referred me to Dr Jackson, a team doctor for the English Institute of Sport. He decided I needed an MRI where they also inject dye to show where any breaks or tears are. This has shown that I Read More

Season sadly to end from injury but I’ve had some good times


The races in France were a good opportunity to do well. I had good conditions and I felt my mentality and skiing was improving with each run, however it’s nowhere near how it should have been. My best result from the seven races this season is a 120 which is terrible, I nearly scored that at the end of my first 12 months in ski racing! The groin injury and the ankle have both been playing up and with it being so late in the season the coaches have Read More

Austria was poor, but now off to France!!


The races in Mellau were a wakeup to the spirit of racing. I was very tentative and skied shocking but I at least managed to finish the second day. An improvement race on race is what I’m aiming for and that happened there and will hopefully continue next week as I’m off to four races in France’s Southern Alps. I’m looking forward to getting some training done in the meantime, hopefully the leg doesn’t play up too much, it held out ok to Read More

Off to race in Österreich


I’ve had a solid week of training since the tendon hoopla and so I’m off for two CITADINES races in Mellau, Austria to get back into the swing of things. CITADINES translates as ‘Citizen’ however these races are not as easy as they sound I can assure you! There are generally fewer racers, i.e. 100 instead of 140 so it’s much more possible to get into the thirty, a big help to score points. I’ve never been to this place before but Austria’s Read More

Back to hitting training HARD


Today was my first day back in gates since damaging a tendon at the top of a quadriep.  Training in the local resort that is Stoos doing some GS  with Coaches Pirmin and Rory. Two coaches with one athlete, I’m in heaven!!   Physio every day has undoubtebly made the recovery quicker.  A massive thanks is Due to Mattias and Karin at Steffan Pollyn Physio in Schwyz, If they hadn’t rubben my groin every day I would still be out!  Finally Read More

Fasnact aka Car-ni-val in town!


To my amazement carnival has arrived to Brunnen!      Named ‘Fasnact’, each week for a month a different village stages a parade in its streets with fancy dress as monsters, celebrities and alike. Brass bands with big drums make up a large proportion of the parade and they drive down the street throwing confetti and oranges to people! I wasn’t really on the hunt for these oranges but still caught six or seven and enjoyed a Read More

Great Training but a bit of an injury blow


The last week has seen some great training conditions, with fresh snowfall taking a break and cold conditions making for firm pistes to train on. It’s been awesome to vary the training hills also, as our lift passes cover 17 areas this week we went to Stoos, Andermatt, Stuckli and a place that I can’t spell but sounds like melt-ze-fruit!!   Going quite hard out on Wednesday I straddled the last gate of a GS course, with one leg going around Read More

First race cancelled but I’m back training


Today I had my first race, sooner than expected but it was the Welsh championships, known for good points for rankings due to low numbers of racer entries… It was however cut short after the timing had broken and by the time it was replaced at 1 pm there was not enough daylight time to run the second run of the boys. It’s a shame, the races are usually run very efficiently and are a good atmosphere because lets be honest, noone expects Read More