Hip Reconstruction


Ooomph, where to start. I had my hip surgery on the 20th August, by a highly admired surgeon who managed to do the whole thing via keyhole surgery, this menat my hip did not have to be disclocated. He ‘sewed’ on a bit that had broken off my socket joint in my hip, that had broken off in the crash I k/o’d in February.  He also saw there was some bad damage at the top of my fibula and so had to knock off a chuck and shave around it Read More

Some months on and the injuries are being tackled


It’s been a while since I last blogged, mostly because there wasn’t a lot of progress… UNITL NOW!!!     Following three months of good but unsuccessful rehab for my hip injury at the TeamBath physio unit, my lovely physio Katy Williams referred me to Dr Jackson, a team doctor for the English Institute of Sport. He decided I needed an MRI where they also inject dye to show where any breaks or tears are. This has shown that I Read More