Great Training but a bit of an injury blow


The last week has seen some great training conditions, with fresh snowfall taking a break and cold conditions making for firm pistes to train on. It’s been awesome to vary the training hills also, as our lift passes cover 17 areas this week we went to Stoos, Andermatt, Stuckli and a place that I can’t spell but sounds like melt-ze-fruit!!  

Going quite hard out on Wednesday I straddled the last gate of a GS course, with one leg going around the gate and the other between the poles and under the flag. Initially I thought it was bad as my lower leg bloody hurt and I’d ripped through my salapettes and thermals but I got back up and skied off. Later I realised that the top of my leg was very sore and I’ve damaged two tendons at the top of it. Apparently it may take upwards of a month to fully recover but I can ski gently in the meantime. Today off and then back on it tomorrow I reckon.

As with everywhere it has been bloody cold here the last week, skiing about in -30 sometimes I think I need thicker socks haha..

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