Yaow!! off to Swiss land of choc’nd cheese


Tomorrow I will travel to central Switzerland for my base for the season, in the small town of Brunnen.

Once again this Kiwi run team (WorldSkiConnection) is clearly the best choice for me, with coaches, training hills and a support system I know and trust well.  Training hills close by include Andermatt and Stoos, well away from the most tourist tracks which makes for a great choice for training lane space. I am still not sure who my coach will be for the season, probably either Swissy Cedric Maret or Italian Pirmin Karbon who also coached me in Nz in the summer.

The team stays in a hotel closed for winter which means we have plenty of room for all our stuff, including where the magic happens, the tuning room…

Awesome views from the hotel though..

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