Searching for a team for 2012


Every year I have the same difficult decision as to who to train with in the ‘northern season’ and this year’s more difficult than usual.

With there not being many British run teams and the unrivalled wisdom that Europeans have of racing I always choose to train with a European run team. However with two of the teams I have trained with before evolving onto something else and my favourite WorldSkiConnection (Kiwi and Swiss run) either running too elite a program for my own needs or to basic I am looking for new options.

Important for me is the cost, so I am looking at a couple of resort local teams, as they often have a great standard of athlete and are always very enthusiastic about supporting athletes living in the area.

My basic criteria are as follows; Great training from a good coach (he/she doesn’t have to be likeable) on a variation of terrains, in a team with a limited number of athletes, some of which are faster than me. Also a place to live with room for tuning, and transport for training and races. Most importantly at a good price.

Other things I now also have to think about are standards of local gym facilities, of ski shops (for grinds and repairs), chiropractors and physios and the location within the Alps for races.

Let the search continue…

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