Season sadly to end from injury but I’ve had some good times


The races in France were a good opportunity to do well. I had good conditions and I felt my mentality and skiing was improving with each run, however it’s nowhere near how it should have been.

My best result from the seven races this season is a 120 which is terrible, I nearly scored that at the end of my first 12 months in ski racing! The groin injury and the ankle have both been playing up and with it being so late in the season the coaches have agreed it’s time to go home and recover and regroup, continuing like this is ok but not of real benefit.  It’s a shame because this last week in France has been amazing.

 Having to travel 7 hours to through South France it was great to go through the little villages full of character, stopping off for the odd break to have a look. After the first series of three ‘uni’ races (I fore-ran the slalom) we had a day off inbetween so left the race and continued to drive in the right direction, only stopping to get a hotel when the sun had gone down, in a place call Dignes Les Bains. Then the next day we drove through Cannes and stopped for a nice chill in the sun on the beach, my coach even got his skis out and went in the sea! In good time we made it up to Auron, where it looked like no snow but actually had the best conditions I’ve ever raced. I thought I skied ok but the results told a different story and being beaten by a 17 year-old whom I beat in Nz last year was a bit soul-destroying if I’m honest. The fore-running went well and it gave me some time to chit chat which is always nice!

Above Cannes..

In the smallest lift, 2 people and 1 bag. Just! Hotel in Auron.

The trip home was great, we had to go along the coast to start, which included a trip through Monaco, man what a place! Everything there is just class and so well maintained, even the flower baskets on the streets had multiple tiers. The girls weren’t too shabby either! ;)

..Doing a lap of the Grand Prix track

So it’s with great sadness that I go home like this. I would have loved to have skied good and it showed but I tried given with what I was able to do! I’ll go home and see what can be done about the boot on the ankle and get in good shape, hopefully in time for NZ! 

Bring on sum..AAhem next Winterrr!! J

  1. Mark McG says:

    Dude, really sorry to hear that your season has ended like that, I know how hard you’ve worked all year. I know the feeling with injuries – I’ve not been able to play much squash for the last few months due to an inflamed tendon in my foot.

    Taking a break is so hard to do, but sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing. I’m sure you’ll regroup and come back physically and mentally strong next season! Good luck mate!

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much Mark. I really appreciate the support. I hope that you are able to play squash again sooon