Penguins… Finally!!


After three years of coming to NZ i finally saw what I wanted to see…  Penguins!!! I went to Twizel with Willis for a couple of days and we went to a place called Oamaru. It’s quite famous for it’s little blue penguins, and I went into the sanctuary to see them. They were mostly chilling in their little boxes but I’m sure they could hear me talking and if ever a penguin looked cute it is this type; a foot tall, blue and fluffy! haha

Then the woman who was giving me a little tour mentioned we could see them properly in the wild 20 minutes down the road at Maoraki. We got in the car and bombed it down there. It was basically someone’s garden on the coast turned into a sanctuary and the signs said ‘no closer than 5m to the penguins’ but straight away there was one right in the middle of our path!! A little yellow-eyed penguin! We saw loads and unfortunately saw a wild cat stalking a couple of them but what a day, two types of penguins!! Awesome!

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