First race cancelled but I’m back training


Today I had my first race, sooner than expected but it was the Welsh championships, known for good points for rankings due to low numbers of racer entries…

It was however cut short after the timing had broken and by the time it was replaced at 1 pm there was not enough daylight time to run the second run of the boys. It’s a shame, the races are usually run very efficiently and are a good atmosphere because lets be honest, noone expects fierce competition from the welsh at a wintersport. It’s ok though, I got the feeling of a raceday again which I wasn’t really expecting as I only had my entry confirmed at 5 O’clock the evening before!!

I am back in training though which is fantastic, I realy love to improve and the ‘feeling’ is coming back in the skis. It’s really tough progress at the moment as pressure points in my boots are caused extra ‘bone spurs’ to form, but hopefully I’ll have that sorted in the next week or so to crack on and get quick :)

My first day of slalom gate training went really well, here’s a video of how it went

SL return in Andermatt. GoPro 31-01-12

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